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Why choose Max Your Space?

1. Our compassionate and experienced Organisers guide you in making rational decisions during the sorting process that align with your objectives set out in the beginning of the process.

2. We have gone through what you are going through. The fear of letting go, the unknown, the what-if’s, the guilt, anxiety, shame and uncertainty – we’ve experienced all those emotions ourselves as we’ve travelled the decluttering road in our own lives.

3. Our broad levels of experience have equipped us in dealing with all personality types as well as all areas in the home and workspace.

Garage Transformation
From Chaos to Calm

4. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can scare us. There’s absolutely no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about the state of your home in front of us. We are professional in all our dealings and interactions.

5. We bring all our own tools and equipment. From the ladder, vacuum cleaner and eco-friendly detergents to the label-maker, cable ties and our toolbox, everything is included in our Professional Organiser’s Kit.

6. Whether for donations or discarding of broken items or recycling. All of your pre-loved items are removed off site as part of our service to you.

7. We take the pressure off your shoulders of searching for charities and organisations to donate your pre-loved items. We have a broad spectrum of organisations with different needs who benefit from your willingness to donate. Therefore, without lifting a finger you are making a massive contribution to the greater community.

One of a favourite activities: Donation Day

Amcare, an organisation dedicated to the needs of all people made vulnerable due to poverty, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and advanced age.

8. Neatly packing everything that is for keeps is part and parcel of how we make a difference in your home and life. Before the end of the project, you will know where everything has been packed.

9. Getting organised is the goal, staying organised is winner. Therefore, Max Your Space provides each client with easy-to-follow tips and hacks on making the most out of your new decluttered life.  

10. Our passion and background in Interior Design is an assurance to you that your makeover doesn’t have a bland look and feel, but rather a well thought out result that adds value to your needs and style.

11. We are not afraid of hard work. Jane personally sees each project through from beginning to end. Heavy lifting, moving, up and down ladders, even spiders – Jane handles it all.

Garage Transformation
Now both vehicles can park inside and there’s a dedicated space for everything

12. There are no surprise expenses, our work matches our quotes and align with our code of ethics.

13. In our Organising Memories Service, we create timeless Photo Books, Picture Tiles and Framed Collages that create great impact without taking up loads of space. Our service includes photoshopping to give you the most stunning keepsake that can be passed down to generations to come. Take your photos off your device and into your life!

Off your device and into your life with our Organising Memories Services

14. All our equipment, detergents and removals are earth-friendly. Plastics, glass, tins and paper are recycled. Expired or broken batteries and electronics are responsibly disposed of and bio-degradable boxes and bags are used for all our end-goal removals.

15. FUN is one of our fundamentals. The daunting process is actually one of liberation once you’ve released the items weighing you down. Letting go of things is more than just things, but also a release of old habits, old emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you well. Our light-hearted decluttering sessions calm your nerves and reassure your apprehension while helping you achieve your goals.

16. We aim to please. Our end vision is a re-energized YOU. By decluttering your surroundings, you then have the freedom to unleash your full potential; make your dreams come true and live your best life.

Studio Transformation
New found energy to use space creatively

17. All questions, no matter how seemingly bizarre, are welcome. We may not have all the answers but we sure do have heaps of suggestions to keep you going .

18. Max Your Space has an ever-expanding social media presence which inspires, encourages and uplifts those who’ve already taken the step of decluttering their life and those still considering the empowering transformation.

19. You are NEVER alone in this process. Max Your Space offers a Maintenance Program that is exclusively available to all prior clients which means we are always just a call away. A few hours of MYS Maintenance makes the gigantic difference between falling off the wagon, landing up at square one or continuing down the energized path to match your makeover objectives.

20. Max Your Space services are available nationwide!

Max Your Space National

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to contact us for any questions or enquiries.

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