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Jane Kotze is a miracle worker! She helped me sort out and organise my living space and took everything I didn’t want away for donations. She was the most reasonably priced person and didn’t charge me for what wasn’t needed. We worked so well together and I can’t thank her enough! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get a little order in their homes/lives!

– Sherri Agostinho –

Compliments to Max Your Space on a fine service.

I recently ordered a Batter Dispenser from MYS, and from the moment I placed the order until its arrival, I was given regular updates of the expected time of arrival. It’s refreshing to receive such good service without having to do constant follow ups.

Once again, I am extremely pleased with the quality of your service and look forward to doing future business with you.

– Chantel Russouw –

Jane is on the ball and organized! 🙂 Always a pleasure!

– Rochelle Smuts –

Amazing service, and you really get the personal touch.

I would recommend Jane any time!

– Heidi Swanepoel –

While I was in search of work, I went to numerous interviews without success. Then Jane asked me to send my CV to her as she knew of someone who was hiring. Before Jane forwarded my CV on, she asked me if she could give my CV a makeover.

Jane came to my rescue. I was very impressed with her prompt response. Jane was fast and efficient. She called me to say that my CV was ready and she sent it back to me. I was so delighted with the format and layout of my new CV. Jane reduced the clutter of bits and pieces of information into a professional 2-page document that I feel proud of handing out. I had contacted numerous employment agencies and applied for jobs online while I was unemployed. The very first job I gave my new CV to, I got the job!! Jane’s makeover on my CV was even more professional than what the recruiters had tried to achieve.

Jane can organise everything from homes and garages to CV’s. Her dedication to her work as well as her skills are top notch!

I certainly would recommend Jane above anyone else. Her communication with me at all times, was 5-star quality.

Jane is a trustworthy, loyal and very dedicated hard-working individual. Jane respected the privacy and sensitive information on my CV.

Thank you, Jane
– Sherry Steyn –

Max Your Space is not only a space saver but a life saver also. I ordered a couple of items and I was pleased by the personal attention that Jane (the owner) put into everything, from a thoughtful “thank you” message that was sent to my phone after the order, to the personal delivery of the items and a note that was delivered with my package. I love the sock space saver I bought! Thank you for your exceptional service and I will definitely be ordering again!

– Julie Kgeledi –

The products supplied by Max Your Space is really awesome! Definitely made a major difference in my house in terms of getting things organized and making problem areas look neat.

Furthermore I was fortunate enough to see the work done by Max Your Space on another projects where the area addressed changed from completely clogged up to spacious with spare space on the shelves.

The Max Your Space team definitely know their stuff!

– Pieter Pretorius –

Max Your Space has an amazing selection of useful items. I chose the Ottoman which has helped make an untidy space in my cupboard neat. Delivery was done personally by the owner, Jane, with a note of thanks & it was nicely wrapped too, attention to detail being something one rarely finds. I’ve also seen a remarkable change done by Max Your Space to a family member’s room. Well done Jane, I highly recommend your biz and service! I’ll definitely be ordering again.

– Dale Rich –