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The decluttering service is an all-inclusive process of maximizing your space. We provide customized storage solutions to best suit your style and budget. Our intentions are not to discard everything you own, but rather creating a home for what’s useful and meaningful.

The process includes a thorough sort of everything in the space. Then we assign a storage space, that’s practical for you, of all items that will remain. These items are neatly packed in a sensible fashion, with labeling (where necessary) of your choice.

Together we categorize what items are for donations, discarding, recycling and for sale. Our service includes removing these items off site.

Process Flow

  1. Contact Max Your Space to schedule an appointment
  2. I will visit your space. This free consultation includes
    • A full brief of expectations and objectives is taken
    • Photographs – for quoting purposes
    • Measurements – for storage solution purposes
  3. You will receive your quotation
  4. Your deposit secures your booking
  5. Transformation takes place and project is paid for in full
  6. You enjoy the benefits of living in a peaceful and beautiful environment

Areas we declutter, include (but not limited to):

Garages, kitchens, living areas, dining areas, bedrooms including wardrobes, kids’ rooms and play areas, kitchens, pantries, offices, storage areas and outdoor areas.


Contact us for the best priced organising service, starting at only R 295 per hour for the decluttering service. Package deals available for projects larger than 1 day’s work.

We pride ourselves in delivering transformations in only 1 day, where feasible. All our double garage makeovers have been completed in 9 hours or less.

Max Your Space cares about the environment, therefore offer a full inventory of suitable recycling options for all items.

Book of Memories

We specialize in organising your memories by creating magnificent books showcasing your favourite photographs. Enjoy your photos offline with a selection of high quality, state of the art coffee table books.

Creating photo books for yourself by deciding which photos will be on which page, formatting, layout, borders, backgrounds and style can be overwhelming – much like organising.

Now, there’s no need to stress about adding another mammoth task to your life. We handle the entire process from scanning, enhancing your photographs, designing your book to print and delivery!

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality photo books.

Process Flow

  1. Contact Max Your Space for the best priced book
  2. Either over email or in person, we will discuss your requirements and objectives
  3. Choose from our wide range of book sizes, cover options and page selections
  4. You will receive your quotation
  5. Send your photos to us digitally (email, WhatsApp, Cloud) or in person or courier
    NOTE: High resolution photographs ensure the highest quality printing
  6. Your deposit secures the implementation of the design process
  7. You will receive a draft copy of what your book will look like
    • 1 free revision is included
  8. Upon approval of design, your book will be published
  9. Upon receipt of your book, the final payment is required
  10. Enjoy your family heirloom for generations to come

Book Sizes

A3 Landscape

A4 Landscape or A4 Portrait

A5 Landscape

30cm x 30cm book

20cm x 20cm book

Soft Cover or Hand Cover

20 pages or 40 pages




Genuine Leather




Mock Leather