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Max Your Space is a comprehensive Professional Organising company. We offer a streamlined approach to becoming organised in all aspects of your life.

We understand that life is already full of deadlines and dreaded tasks that saps your joy, which is why we provide destressing, fun and interactive services.

Our two distinct services are: ‘Organising Spaces’ and ‘Organising Photographs’ – in the most inventive ways.

Organising Spaces

We transform spaces from junk rooms to an area you can enjoy and be proud of. Max Your Space creates structured living spaces which are practical, functional and inviting.

Organising Photos

We turn old photo albums into family heirlooms you can show off to your friends and enjoy offline. We take your pictures off your device and into your life.

Max Your Space is passionate about helping people eliminate clutter; organise any space, creating truly gorgeous areas and crafting family heirlooms, for everyone to enjoy. We realize the mammoth task of obtaining functional, pleasant living space.

There’s no reason for you to struggle alone and feel demotivated.